What We Know About The Force Awakens, 8 Days Before It’s Release


What we know about The Force Awakens, a week before it’s release.

Finn: Our new Jedi? Probably, but we do see him in Stormtrooper armor in the first trailer. Was he once a stormtrooper? Or a TIE pilot? Either way, he does draw a lightsaber in the final trailer. And not just any lightsaber. Anakin’s blue one. How he found it in Cloud City were Luke lost it is a mystery.




Rey: An expert scavenger from the planet of Jakku, which bears a striking resemblence to Tatooine, where it all began in 1977. She’s also the one who finds BB-8, while on her awesome speeder.





BB-8: The most unique, most original, cutest and simply best astromech droid so far. How he ended up on Jakku is yet to be found out.



Poe Dameron: T-70 X-wing fighter pilot for Resistance. Leader of Black Squadron. Could be our new Wedge Antilles.





Kylo Ren: the Anti-Luke Skywalker with the crossguard saber. A member of the Knights of Ren.




Captain Phasma: A female human in charge of the First Order’s Troops.




General Hux: A brilliant young officer with hopes to restore the Empire to its former glory.


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