Dingo illustraion

There he waits, in the harsh, rocky Australian outback, the proud, dominant leader of his pack, ready to give chase to the targeted fox. Nearly extinct, he is the first species of canine, the original wolf: the dingo. Some people trap and kill dingoes because they hunt livestock, while others make effort to protect them. Dingoes should be protected because they help keep the food-chain in balance, control the red fox population, and help people.

Dingoes keep the rodent, kangaroo, and feral goat population down, balancing the food-chain. If these species overpopulated, there food would go scarce, and they they would go extinct, leaving their predators hungry.

Dingoes hunt red foxes that are a threat to native animals. In the mid 1800s foxes were introduces to Australia for hunting. They compete with native fauna for food and habitat, and are a constant source of disease. Foxes are officially considered a successfully invasive species, and dingoes have the ability to control their numbers.

In addition, dingoes are good work dogs and pets. Their blood strain is pure, and stems back to 15,000 years or so, with recent DNA tests proving they are the first species of canine. Unlike domestic dogs, dingoes can use all their senses at the same time, making them good watch dogs. They are also being used to help the hearing impaired. They are relatively easy to train, and can live up to 25 years. If trained since puppyhood, dingoes prove to be amazing guide dogs, and in some situations, even sheep dogs. They are also quite adorable and make perfect pets.

Dingoes quite clearly should be protected. They keep the red fox population controlled, and pray on herbivores keeping the food chain in balance. They also make unique pets and work dogs. Imagine, if dingoes were protected , and you could have a dingo pup pulling your socks off!


One response to “Dingoes

  1. Ez nagyon erdekes bejegyzes volt. En mindig csak a dingok karos tulszaporodasarol es az ebbol kovetkezo karokrol tudtam. Nagyszeru, hogy ilyen sokoldaluan lehet nevelni oket es egyutt tudnak elni az emberekkel. Mama


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