Caterpillar – Butterfly

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 Day 1 (5/1/2015) 2015-05-01 14.16.02  The caterpillars ten minutes after they arrived in the mail. There are five of them – one is on the roof of the container. They are completely blakc They were tiny and didn’t move at all.
 Day 3 2015-05-02 19.44.48  They were very inactive at first. They didn’t move, eat or grow in the first five days. This is strange because the instructions said they would be get very active early on.
 Day 5 2015-05-05 13.28.25 They didn’t seem to molt at all. This could be because they ate their old skins right after they shed them. (I took them outside only for the pictures.)
 Day 7 2015-05-08 09.12.49  I moved them upstairs on day 6 to keep them warmer. Hopefully this will make them more active. They grew quite a bit, so they probably molted as well.
Day 9 2015-05-09 12.02.28  The warmer temperature did help – three out of five are far more active and growing very fast. The other two don’t seem to be doing anything. They are producing a lot of silk and frass.
 Day 11 2015-05-10 16.55.00 All five getting pretty big. Different caterpillars seem to grow in different ways. One is really long and skinny, while another is just getting fat.
 Day 13 2015-05-12 09.21.57 They have grown to about four times their original size. One of them is on the roof of the container, hanging in a J. The instructions said not to pick the jar up when they are at this stage.
 Day 15 2015-05-14 14.51.48  Two have already formed chrysalides and two are hanging upside down; the fifth is still eating. The chrysalides are a light green color with black and yellow markings. Most of the silk and frass has disappeared –  ?eaten?
 Day 17 2015-05-17 12.05.26  All five caterpillars have formed chrysalides. I pinned them to the side of their new home. They are attached very firmly to the cloth underneath the lid.
 Day 19 2015-05-22 12.20.29   I gave them butterfly food in case they emerge at night. These caterpillars are about five days late in doing everything according to the instructions, but… why not?
 Day 21 2015-05-24 12.41.43 The butterflies are still not doing anything. I’m surprised none of the chrysalides fell. They are attached better than I imagined.(I finally figured out how to get the lighting right in these photos!)
Day 23 2015-05-25 14.25.31  One of the butterflies finally came out. It is bigger than I thought. A few hours earlier, the chrysalis turned darker and the wing patterns appeared. Now the chrysalis is still hanging from where it was.
 Day 25 2015-05-26 19.51.20  Two butterflies are out now. one is on the side of the container, the other is in the food bowl. I guess I spoke too soon: one of the chrysalides fell. BTW that red fluid is NOT blood; it is a waste material that the adult butterfly doesn’t need.
 Date 27 2015-05-27 10.15.40
2015-05-27 15.17.44
2015-05-27 15.22.07
 The third butterfly emerged. This time I actually saw the butterfly emerging, (and got some pictures). The red fluid is not ejected right after the butterfly emerges, but a few minutes later. I have released the first three butterflies in my yard. They did not fly away immediately. The morning of the 30th all three had flown off.
 Day 28 and 29 (no pic taken) I released the last two butterflies.

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  1. Hat ez fantasztikus! 🙂 Nekem nagyon tetszik, hogy naprol napra novogetnek, ahogy vigyazol rajuk es a vegeredmeny eszmeletlen! 🙂 5 kicsi elet 🙂 Nagyon ugyes vagy Ago! 🙂


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